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Research Papers


Work in Progress

  • "The Volatility Advantage of Large Labor Markets", with M. Conte, T. Michalski and B. Schmutz [Preliminary Draft here]
  • "Cost pass-through and the rise of inflation", with R. Lafrogne-Joussier and and J. Martin, CEPR Discussion Paper 18596 [Latest Draft here]
  • "Frictions and adjustments in firm-to-firm trade", with F. Fontaine and and J. Martin, CEPR Discussion Paper 18110 [Latest Draft here]


  • "Relationship stickiness and economic uncertainty", Conditionally accepted, Review of Economics and Statistics, with J. Martin and M. Parenti [Latest version here, Data]
  • "Foreign Shocks as Granular Fluctuations", Forthcoming, Journal of Political Economy, with J. di Giovanni and A. Levchenko [Latest version here, Replication Package here]
  • "Search Frictions in International Goods Markets", 2022, Journal of the European Economic Association, with C. Lenoir and J. Martin [Published version here, Online Appendix here, Replication Package here, ReadMe Replication Package here]
  • "Supply shocks in supply chains: Evidence from the early lockdown in China", 2022, IMF Economic Review, with R. Lafrogne-Joussier and J. Martin[Published Version here]
  • "Invoicing Currency, Firm Size, and Hedging", 2021, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, with J. Martin and V. Lyonnet. [Published Version here]
  • "Price Discrimination within and across EMU Markets: Evidence from French Exporters", 2020, Journal of International Economics, 124, with F. Fontaine and J. Martin. Prepared for the 2019 meeting of NBER ISoM [Published Version here]
  • "Volatility in the Small and in the Large: The Lack of Diversification in International Trade", 2020, Journal of International Economics, 122:103276, with F. Kramarz and J. Martin [Published Version here Replication Package here ]
  • "The Micro Origins of International Business Cycle Comovements", 2018, American Economic Review, 108(1):82-108, with J. di Giovanni and A. Levchenko [Latest Draft here , Online Appendix here]
  • "Large Firms and International Business Cycle Comovement", 2017, American Economic Review P&P, 107(5):598-602, with J. di Giovanni and A. Levchenko [Published version here]
  • "Trade Elasticities", 2017, Review of International Economics, 25(2):383-402, with J. Imbs [Published version here, Data and codes here]
  • "Low-Wage Countries' Competition, Reallocation Across Firms and the Quality Content of Exports," 2014, Journal of International Economics, Vol. 93-1: 140-152, with J. Martin. [Revised version here]

  • “Labor Market Institutions and Firms' Location Choices”, 2014, with V. Delbecque and L. Patureau, The World Economy, Vol. 1:50(1): 115-148 [Latest Version here]
  • “Price Dispersion and the Euro: Micro Heterogeneity and Macro Implications”, 2013, with J. Martin, International Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 26: 70-86 [Latest Version here]
  • “The Location of Domestic and Foreign Production Affiliates by French Multinational Firms”, 2010,with T. Mayer and B. Nefussi, Journal of Urban Economics, 68: 115-128
  • “Minimum wages and Location Decisions”, 2010, with Lise PatureauRegional Science and Urban Economics, Vol. 40(1): 45-59
  • “Exchange-rate pass-through at the product level” , 2008, with G. Gaulier and A. Lahrèche-Rèvil. Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 41(2): 425-44


  • "A guideline to French firm-level trade data", with F. Bergounhon and C. Lenoir [Latest Draft here] [Companion Website here]
  • "Current Account Rebalancing and Real Exchange Rate Adjustment Between the U.S. and Emerging Asia," IMF Working Papers 11/46, with P. Rabanal and D. Sandri

Publications in French 

  • "Euro et Dispersion des Prix a l'exportation", 2011, with J. Martin, Economie et Statistique, Vol. 435-436: 49-64
  • "Plus grandes, plus fortes, plus loin : performances relatives des firmes exportatrices françaises", 2011. with M. Crozet and S. Zignago, Revue Economique, Vol 62(4)
  • "Enjeux théoriques de la délocalisation", 2008, with V. Delbecque (EconomiX, University Paris X Nanterre) and L. Patureau (Thema, University of Cergy-Pontoise). Risques Les cahiers de l'assurance, Vol. 75: 79-86

Non-Academic Publications 

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